MS OPEN 2017
A Mineplex Competitive Tournament
August 11 - September 22


Teaming up for the second time this year, Mineplex and the Mineplex Competitive League are proud to announce the first official MineStrike tournament. Compete against over 60 teams in rapid-fire matches every weekend for the grand prize. Every MS Open 2017 game is streamed and commentated live.

Mineplex is sponsoring this tournament, meaning your team could win an official in-game Championship Title, an exclusive Tournament-only MineStrike skin, and much more. Grab your friends and register a team before the August 4th deadline. See you in the Open.


1. 2017 MineStrike Champion in-game Title
2. Rank Upgrade (or 15 MS Chests & 9 Illuminated Chests)
3. 45,000 XP
4. 2017 Champion Knife skin
5. Champion Forum Tag

Second Place

1. 15 MineStrike Chests
2. 9 Illuminated Chests
3. 30,000 XP
4. 2017 Champion Knife skin

Third Place

1. 15,000 XP
2. 2017 Champion Knife skin

Registration for the MS Open 2017 was available between July 29 and August 4. Thank you to all 104 teams that applied! Games will begin the weekend of August 11.